Books Published



(available at Publication Department)

  1. Nyayik Marg Darshika Khand I & II

  2. U.P. General Clauses Act

  3. General Rules (Criminal)

  4. General Rules (Civil) Vol. I and II.

  5. Judicial Miscellany

  6. Continental System of Criminal Justice

  7. Forum Selection Clauses and other Lectures

  8. Dand Nyayalayon, Police evam jail adhikariyon ko Uchhatam Nyayalayon ke Nirdesh

  9. Social Justice

  10. Interpretation of Taxing Statutes

  11. Parliamentary Privileges and Courts

  12. Lectures on Constitutional Law and Legislative Drafting

  13. Remand

  14. Circular orders of High Court  ( New updated edition )

  15. Parliamentary Democracy and Nehru

  16. Vibhagiya Janch

  17. Law and Medicine

  18. Juvenile Justice System in India

  19. Maintenance of wives, children & parents

  20. Arbitration and the Courts

  21. Relations between Bench and Bar and Strikes in Courts

  22. Adhiniyam Naam Sangraha

  23. Finger Prints

  24. Quantification of Sentence in Rape Cases

  25. Law, Society and Obscenity

  26. Tragic Roads

  27. Comments on Provisions of C.P.C. with Reference to Amendment Act-1999-2002

  28. Sewa Nivrati/Mrityu Par Deya Parlabhdhiyan

  29. Select Writings for Judge - Compiled by Justice Yatindra Singh, Judge, Allahabad High Court.