Citizen Charter

The Government of U.P. established the Institute in pursuance of a decision taken at All India Conference of Chief Ministers / Chief Justices presided by the Prime Minister, held from 31st August 1985 to 1st September, 1985 in New Delhi. The Institute became functional on 25th April, 1987, vide Government Notification No. Uttar Pradesh Sarkar Nyay (Ucha Nyayalaya) Anubhag No. 959/Saat-U.Nya./55/86, Lucknow dated 31st August, 1986. The details regarding the Institute, Organization Structure, Faculty, Objective, Achievements and training etc. have been given in this site. The Institute is governed by the Rules and Regulations made by the Government of U.P. for its departments and the Institutes, from time to time.