1. Case Law on S.9, 0.13 and 0.14 R.2. C.P.C.

  2. "Shashkiya Yatra evam Bhatte”      

  3. Lectures for Munsif Probationers   

  4. Self Management   

  5. Self Development  

  6. Behaviour

  7. Important Aspects of the Guardian and Wards Act

  8. Law of Possession Vol. I & II        

  9. Karya Bhar grahan kaal, pension evam kalyankari yojnain  

  10. Law of Railway Claims Part I, II    

  11. Disposal of Property in Criminal Cases       

  12. Amendment of Pleadings    

  13. Sentencing in Murder Trials            

  14. Motor Accident Compensation      

  15. Dying Declaration  

  16. Legal Quiz Vol. I   

  17. Suit by or against Minor or Person of unsound Mind (0.XXXII CPC)         

  18. Jamanat     

  19. ‘Upbhokta Sarankshan evam vidhi’ par sangosthi   

  20. Leading Decisions of the Supreme Court    

  21. Shashnadeshon ka sangraha           

  22. Court on Criminal Law      

  23. Dockets for the Dock        

  24. Crime Investigation and Trial          

  25. Terrorism  

  26. Declarations on Human Rights        

  27. Contempt of Court            

  28. Law of Bails          

  29. Right to Life           

  30. Judgment in Rem   

  31. Statement of Accused        

  32. Samanya Vittiya Prabhandh           

  33. Deewani vadon ka nistaran main vilamb; kaaran evam nidan           

  34. Child Labour abuse in India           

  35. Legal Research and Methodology  

  36. Green Jurisprudence          

  37. Development of Legal Aid in India

  38. Profile of Trial Judge          

  39. Law Morals, Judges and Justice     

  40. Appeals     

  41. Human Rights Profile of Jammu and Kashmir          

  42. Reading Materials for

                                                         i.            Newly recruited Civil Judges(J.D.)

                                                       ii.            Newly recruited Asstt. Prosecuting Officers

                                                      iii.            Refresher Course for Civil Judges (S.D.)

                                                     iv.            Members of District Consumer Forum 

  1. Computer Application and Information Technology.           

  2. Computer Application and Information Technology (Revised)         

  3. Vittiya Niyam Sanklan

  4. Upbhokta Sanrakshan Vyawhar evam Prakriya            

  5. Reading Material for Refresher Course for Civil Judges (J.D.)         

  6. Aide Memoir for Enquiry Officers and Presenting Officers of H.A.L.          

  7. Reading Material for Special Training Programme on Child Psychology and Child Welfare  

  8. Comments on provisions of C.P.C. with reference to Amendment Act, 1999 and 2002 by Dr. Justice B.S. Chauhan    

  9. Essays on Expert Evidence & Presumption under the Evidence Act, 1872  

  10. Sewa Nrivatti evam Mrutyuoperanta Deya Parlabdhiyan          

  11. Labour Law Compendium

  12. Aide Memoir for Judicial and Forest Officers         

  13. Reading Material for Special Training Programme for Senior Officers of Registration Department

  14. Select Writing for Judges – By Hon’ble Mr. Justice Yatindra Singh 

  15. Training of Judicial officers Juridical Supplement     

  16. Framing of Charge

  17. The U.P. Govt. Servants Conduct Rules, 1956       

  18. Computer Applications      

  19. Plea Bargaining

  20. Training Programme for Public Information Officers and Assistant Public   Information Officers

  21. Reading Material on Court and Cast Management  

  22. Reading Material on Financial Management Part I  

  23. Reading Material on Financial Management Part II 

  24. Judicial Officers and Officials         

  25. Motor Accident Compensation      

  26. Reading Material for Civil Judges (J.D.) Refresher  

  27. Speech at the Foundation Laying Ceremony of the New Building of the U.P. Human Right Commission      

  28. Training for Senior Administrative Officers and Sadar Munsarim of Civil Courts on Office Management       

  29. Alternative Dispute Resolution        

  30. Philosophy of Bail  

  31. Supreme Court Cases July 2007    

  32. Conference and Report      

  33. Promises and Challenges of Mediation       

  34. Central Act No. 185          

  35. Important Government Orders       

  36. Financial Handbook Vol. II

  37. Aide Memoire for the Officers of Indian Defence Account Services            

  38. Aide Memoire for Forest Officers  

  39. Speedy Justice – A new appraoch 

  40. U.P. Civil Procedure Mediation Rules 2007           

  41. Reading Material on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Lok Adalat           

  42. Shashnaadeshon ki Suchi

  43. Report of Committee on Home Affairs for Judiciary and Some Important Ruling

  44. Financial Management

  45. Reading Material on Court Management    

  46. Vittiya Prabandh Yojna evam Samanya Prashashan                  

  47. Human Rights        

  48. Noble Speech       

  49. Right to Information Act     

  50. Sarkari Sewakon hetu Aachaar Sahinta ka Prastavit Praroop       

  51. Appearance of parties in the suit and consequence of non-appearance        

  52. Civil Service Regulations adopted in U.P.   

  53. Land Acquisition    

  54. What the Supreme Court has said.

  55. Reading material on Plea Bargaining (for Training cum Workshop)  

  56. Reading material on Domestic Violance (Training cum Workshop)  

  57. Juvenile Justice      

  58. Service Law          

  59. Criminal Law Referencer By Hon’ble Mr. Justice B.S.Chauhan      

  60. Chief Justices Conference – April 17-18, 2008      

  61. Collection of lectures of Sri T.N. Saxena, Retd. District Judge        

  62. Brochure Law Referencer (A to L and M to Z)      

  63. Court and Financial Management Vol. I     

  64. Sentencing on Murder Trial            

  65. Court and Financial Management Vol. II    

  66. New Biology of Criminal Investigation        

  67. The Maintenance and the Welfare of parents, senior citizens Act 2007 and reading material

  68. Reading material for Special Training Programme of Asstt. I.Gs. of Stamp and Registration Department